Ann Brennan Art

Hi, Welcome to Ann Brennan Art

I am a completely self taught artist and I work from my studio in South Tipperary. I have been painting for years but never had the opportunity to study art or make a career of it. my subject matter range from atmospheric landscapes in oils to abstract work in acrylic.

My paintings are both contemporary and abstract. I like to add that little touch of mystery and draw your attention to the horizon and what lies beyond. I also like to use images to portray distance. Everyone will see something different in each painting. It is up to each viewer to decide what they see in the painting. I like to make the viewer think upon my work to discover what lies hidden for them.

My paintings are inspired by many aspects of life, and reflect all my interests. I get inspiration from my travelling trips where I draw my influences from.

I love to use the palette knife as paints can be mixed naturally on the canvas this way and a fantastic texture can be achieved. Colour is important in expressing the moods and mists of our ever changing landscape. I continue to experiment with my paintings and am not afraid to try new techniques.

My paintings hang in private collections in America, Britain, Malta, Italy and throughout Ireland.

My paintings range in price from 700euro down to 250 euro.  I accept commissions. 

Hi, Welcome to Ann Brennan Art

I am a self-taught artist working from my home-based studio in Ballingarry, South Tipperary. My passion for art started at a young age, and over time I have developed my skills through experimentation, trial and error, and a deep love of the creative process.

I specialize in painting landscapes and seascapes in oils. I try to capture the beauty of nature in a way that is both realistic and expressive, using blended brushstrokes and textured palette knife techniques., I am drawn to the wild and rugged beauty of the seas and mountains of Ireland. There is something about the crashing waves against rocky shores and the towering peaks rising up to meet the sky that speaks to me on a deep and primal level.

I hope that my paintings inspire you to discover the wilds of Ireland for yourself and to experience the magic and wonder that I have found in our beautiful country. Through my art, I aim to capture the essence of this land and share it in a way that is both beautiful and meaningful.


What People Say

“Ann is a very talented artist and an amazing teacher. Ann’s instruction is both professional and fun, she gives direct attention to students when needed. Ann is very generous in sharing her painting techniques. I look forward to class every week for both the art and meeting a fantastic bunch of fellow students”


“I thought I could never paint but Ann said come along, you might enjoy the class. I can say it was the best thing I ever did – minutes flow into hours when we paint and I am left stunned at what she has taught us to do! I can paint now, thanks to Ann”


“I have been attending Ann’s classes for a long time, her gift is her ability to get people motivated and painting. She understands techniques and has a natural ability to pass these on to her students. Hours spent painting and developing ones style with Ann is fun and rewarding”


“I joined Ann Brennan’s art group a number of years ago. I had never used oil paint and as such was a complete beginner. Ann teaches in a relaxed and encouraging way, and everyone in the class is brought along at their own pace. Sometimes we all work on the same piece but it is testament to Ann that at the end, everyone’s work is different, reflecting their own unique personality and style. There is a wonderful social aspect to the classes and I consider that we are now a group of close friends who support each other and who gather together to paint each week. Thank you Ann!”